Thursday, September 07, 2006

Next Train

Not sure what type this one is maybe 4-6-0. It's called Lord Nelson by the way. As you can see the old coal fuel system has been replaced by some sort of gas gadgetry on the rear truck. That's progress I guess. I liked it better when they were powered by coal and all the soot from the engine used to blow back and either half blind you or cover your clothes in little black smuts. I guess we didn't really but nostalgia will let you believe anything! Copyright D.Maggs 2006


At 2:38 pm, Blogger D. Williams said...

Huh, I didnt know they dont use coal anymore. I thought you always got the blow back. You learn something new everyday. You asked so, I will give. Is there anyway to get a little closer while still keeping it in the frame? I would like to see more of the tracks and, i guess you call them wheels. What actually makes them move. Good work, my friend.....


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